TUF The Smashes Episode 6 | True Warrior

Continuing on is the Episode 6 of the UFC’s reality television series, The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes featuring lightweight and welterweight division mixed martial arts fighters after a successful airing of the fifth one last week.

The TUF The Smashes Episode 6 with a title of “True Warrior” is scheduled to air on October 24, 2012 live at 7:30 PM AEST on FX Australia and at midnight on ESPN UK.

Watch closely because the TUF alumnus George Sotiropoulos and TUF Season 9 Lightweight Winner Ross Pearson are on this second international Season of the reality television series as opposing coaches of The Ultimate Fighter for the first time for the Team Australia and Team UK fighters.

TUF The Ultimate Fighter The Smashes Episode 6 Video

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Here’s the result of the previous TUF The Smashes fifth episode official match.

Team Australia’s Manny Rodriguez defeated Team UK’s Bola Omoyele via submission in the first round.

On this sixth episode, George Sotiropoulos chooses between his two remaining lightweight competitors on who’s going to fight next for Team Australia. Then, UFC President Dana White announces his decision on the fate of one of the competing fighters. Also; Colin “The Freak Show” Fletcher entertains everyone in the TUF house when he becomes an honorary Aussie.

Watch TUF The Smashes Episode 6 video:

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